Here are some facts you may want to know about us!

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  • SPOC infographic

    Proudly made with our special custom made software
    SPOCGraphic 1.0

  • SPOC has been around since

    That was the year Steve Jobs
    announced the iPhone, remember?

    but our team has been involved in the web industry since

    Wow, this is web prehistoric era!
  • Some numbers to sum up our activity so far:

    (c. 2014)
    that have
    with us
    satisfied customers
    completed projects
    animation frames in Flash
    lines of code in html, css, php, AS2, AS3
  • Some of the
    major Greek
    Ad Agencies
    that have worked
    with us
  • We love Macs!
    but we also test everything in PCs
    to make sure everything works
    as it should.
    Not only on PCs...
    Responsive design is what we strive for.
    Tablets and mobile phones are also in our toolbox!
  • Here is some fun info about us:


    SPOC has nothing to do with Mr. Spock.

    Our name comes from the initials of SPOC’s
    founding members,
    Stavros Papadakis and Odysseas Kontis, known as OdyCody.


    Our workstation is nothing but a common ping pong table. It is naturally divided in 4 equal parts, so each team member has his own office space. It is not only efficient, it is fun, too!

  • Although we love our work, we have a personal life, too! Some of the stuff we love are:
    • our family
    • music
    • motorbikes
    • beers
    • swimming
    • space
    • books
    • hiking
    • Star Wars
    • great food
    • cycling
    • table tennis

    Other useless data:

    • we currently have three different coffee machines
    • there is a playground right outside our door
    • we take our lunch break seriously: no calls answered
    • we love small print like this although we never read it
    • 1.270.360 pixels were used for this infographic

    We also love infographics ;)